Our Mission

Foster the growth of game developers around the USA through local volunteer communities, educational outreach programs, grants and scholarships with a focus on elementary through high school. With an emphasis on underrepresented demographics within the industry, by being a bank of knowledge, volunteers and money to support other nonprofits and future game developers.

Our Goals (2017-2019)

  • Provide $75,000 in scholarships (2017)
  • Use our Website as a hub of information for Teachers (2017)
  • Create relationships with schools around the USA to increase our education and create more partnerships (17-19)
  • Provide $100,000 in scholarships (2018)
  • Distribute $150,000 in grants to other nonprofits (2018)
  • Start a development focused summer camp in a city (2018)
  • GDF Conference to help teachers learn how to teach games (2019)
  • Provide $200,000 in scholarship (2019)
  • Distribute $200,000 in grants (2019
  • Continue summer camps (2019)